Pulpop MP3 Speaker: A Clean, Green, Sound Machine

Article by Taylor Kigar


Have you ever wished for a sustainable, eco friendly speaker that also gives you an intense craving for donuts? Of course you have!

Enter Pulpop MP3 speaker, stage right.

This freestanding speaker designed by Balance Wu and Chin Yang with CKIE, is made out of recycled paper pulp, and is by far the greenest sound product on the market right now. The design builds on FeONIC’s SoundBug that first made its debut in 2002, who claimed that they could turn any surface into a speaker through sound vibration technology. But, what seemed too good to be true, sadly wasn’t, and the quality of sound left much to be desired.

However, the design Wu and Yang have engineered not only solves the quality of sound issue, but is truly what makes the speaker itself so sustainable and environmentally friendly. The donut shaped design with a hollow center gives the speaker vibration technology enough surface area to travel 360 degrees around the loop, giving it a clearer sound than speakers that depend only on the surface on which they’re resting. And though it’s great that the product is made out of recycled paper pulp, the fact that the design is completely hollow means that less material is actually being used, which is the real green feature we should all be pursuing these days.

The product itself is pressure molded, is roughly 10.2 x 11.6 x 2.4 inches, has a rechargeable battery with a USB charging port, and the MP3 player is connected through a 3.5mm input jack with an output of up to 5-watts RMS.

 Pulpop is priced at a reasonable $56, but keep in mind that there is a high risk of damaging or denting the thin paper surface, so these definitely are not portable. Still, this foray into green electronics is a genius and inventive one-two-punch of problem solving design, so kick back and relax with those Krispy Kreme donuts you had to pick up, and enjoy your sustainable speaker.

Images courtesy of CKIE

Article by Taylor Kigar