NONdesign Topo Tables: Breaking the Flat Line

Article by Taylor Kigar


Who decided that all tables had to be flat?

Really. I want to know. Is there a secret society made up of old men smoking pipes that have just silenced all forward thinkers in the world of adventurous tables?

Well fear no longer, because partners Scott Franklin and Miao Miao of NONdesigns have engineered a concept to satisfy all your wildest table dreams. The Topo table is completely customizable with small plastic inserts you can move to form either positive or negative space. It’s like having control over a little landscape, being the cartographer of your living room, like owning one of those zen gardens but better. The inserts are molded over different sized stones to create beautiful organic shapes and can be as utilitarian or decorative as possible. If you’re going for the useful route, Topo tables are ideal for holding office supplies at your desk r fresh herbs in your kitchen. But if you just want to have a little fun, flip it over to break up the flat monotony of your coffee table. Pretend it’s an igloo for your imaginary Eskimo friend named Carl or make it a cool skate spot for those little tech decks all the kids stopped playing with in the 90’s.

The tables are sold in two different sizes, (72"L x 29"W x 29"H for the small table, and 96"L x 29"W x 29"H for the large) and both are made with Corian and Powder coated steel, common elements found in your usual kitchen counter.

This product is just one of the many ingenious solutions from NONdesigns, located in Pasadena, California. It’s the perfect example of their mission to join good problem solving with soul, personality, and creativity, and to make each product a reflection of the person that owns it.


Article by Taylor Kigar

Images courtesy of NONdesign