Ready Made Curtain

Article by Astoria Jellett


How many assholes does it take to install a curtain?

It usually takes at least two, plus an electric drill, and there’s all this measuring and shit, and it’s just complicated. So complicated you have to look it up on Youtube.

But with Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec’s Ready Made Curtain, only one asshole is required. No measuring, no drills, no faulty at-home Youtube tutorials. It really couldn’t be simpler.

The genius of the Ready Made Curtain lies in the simplicity of the Bouroullecs’ inspiration: a guitar string. A guitar string relies on tension, being pinned at the bridge and wound at the head. The Ready Made Curtain is a simple roll of fabric the user cuts to size and hangs with clips on a string, which can be wound to fit any window the way a silk string is wound to fit any guitar.

The Ready Made Curtain kit includes nothing but a hanging cord, wall fixings, pins, and a selection of Kvadrat textiles. The cord can be rewound and the curtain reused to hang in any window.

Installation is easy and fast, so whether you’re moving house or just redecorating, your curtain will be up in no time, and you can go back to prancing around the house naked. And the new neighbors won’t even see your asshole.


Article by Astoria Jellett

Images courtesy of Ready Made Curtain