AM Aruliden

Article by Astoria Jellett


Cleaning has always been sexy. I’m sure some old issue of Cosmopolitan advises wives to vacuum the house naked or spray disinfectant on their tits for a “sensual sheen.” Ridiculous Cosmo sex tips aside, though, what could be hotter than freshly washed sheets that beg to be dirtied, or a spotless computer screen for your viewing pleasure?

That’s the kind of seduction AM is aiming for. They’ve been cleaning since the ‘70s, but only in the past couple decades did computers, cell phones, and iPads enter their repertoire. And they’ve absorbed them seamlessly. But what caught the attention of the American Packaging Design Awards and Art Directors Club last year was not the attraction of cleanliness – no, they were seduced by design.

That’s because only in the new millennium could AM team up with Aruliden, a brand strategy and product design consultancy based in New York. A small team with a litany of awards under their belt, they’ve packaged products for Oscar de la Renta, Puma, Lacoste, Motorola, and Microsoft – even a “sensual, luxurious” chess set for Kiki de Montparnasse.

Maybe Aruliden was bouncing off of Apple’s sleek and sexy rounded rectanglular gadgets when they designed AM’s line of cleaning products for electronics. But don’t think it’s all glossy white and chrome: the collection of wipes, cloths, sprays, and pumps AM calls “a movement against screen schmutz” (Okay, their vocabulary is still pretty ‘70s.) is a continuous pop of joyous colors. Bright blue, green, pink, and orange, with an accent of gray, make cleaning your laptop keys look fun. And what’s sexier than fun?


Article by Astoria Jellett

Images courtesy of Aruliden