Ad Tempus by Henry Richmond Young

Article by Raine Blunk


Ad Tempus redefines what it really means to be “in the moment” while dining. This multifunctional series of dessert plating was created by Parsons grad Henry Richmond Young in collaboration with Chef Victoria Duboise. Although the dishes were created to meet the needs of specific desserts created by Duboise, the functionality of the 3D-printed dishes speaks to the sugar lover in all of us.

The “Carter” dish resembles a modern-day crater waiting to be unearthed. Named after the famous archeologist who discovered King Tut, Carter was created to hold “Toast,” a dessert made of sorbet covered in a hard layer of white chocolate. Much like an explorer, diners must break into the chocolate in order to “unearth” the sorbet.

The second dish in the three-part series is entitled “Hillary” after Sir Edmund Hillary, who was the first to reach the peak of Mt. Everest. The dish was created to hold “Milk/Tea,” a two part dessert who’s deliciousness hinges on the warm rose milk that is poured on top of the first layer of the dish. This milk then drips into the second layer through a small funnel at the bottom of the upper plate. Once eaten, the top layer containing a warm lemon sugar dome is removed to reveal a sorbet melted slightly by the rose milk.

The final part to this three-part dessert experience is appropriately named “Geronimo” after the brave Apache Chief. Diners must break through a thin layer of clear vanilla sugar in order to reach the pistachio crémeux with chocolate mousse beneath.

Through their simple yet elegant designs, Ad Tempus caters more directly to the needs of seasonal menus and the diners who enjoy them. Although each of the dishes created by Young were orginally displayed using the desserts designed by Duboise, their real-world application in fine dining restaurants has yet to be discovered. For the sake of sweet teeth everywhere, we hope it happens soon.


Article by Raine Blunk

Images courtesy of Henry Richmond Young